Monday, November 11, 2013

Words - A Word A Day

Words are a part of everyone's life.  To me, there are those words that I use everyday and those that I may use occasionally.  Sometime, a word strikes me as being unusual.

For instance, the words 'debacle' and 'sortie' are not used everyday.  Actually, I never heard them until after I had turned 32 (or somewhere around that time. ;-p).

At the time, I remember thinking that they were such unusual words that I wondered when they came into use.  I thought they may be new words to describe what was going on during the first Iraqi war.

Then I started hearing the words in movies that I've seen years ago.  Yet, when I saw these movies years earlier, the words never registered with me while I watched them.

To expand my word knowledge, I started looking for information on the Internet that would help me.

In 2006, I signed up to an email service that sends out a word a day. It is called A Word A Day.  Go to to subscribe to the list.  Many of the words are new to me but may have been around for centuries. Then again, there are a few words that I knew but have not used in a while.

Purpose for the services for me is that it introduces new words with their definitions as well as some real world examples of the use of the word. I find most of the words they send out interesting even though they may never find their way into my vocabulary. 

Yet, there are a few that have caught my attention. These I intend to showcase in my work in one form or another.

An example of a word I knew that the service showcased was 'nincompoop.' (The first time I came across this word was back in my youth while watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon.)

The word is a noun.  Their meaning for nincompoop is "A silly or stupid person."

Now, as for some words that caught my attention from this past week (Nov. 3-9) in which I've hear before and may use in my writing are bupkis, schnozzle (which I've always heard the word 'schnoz'), and schmo.

I plan to go through these definitions and see what other words I may wish to discuss in the future.

Do you have any favorite words?  Has any word caught you off guard or strike you as funny and why?

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