Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Update 20131113

Hello everyone.  It seems that I am still behind but not by as big of margin I had last week. Last week, I was over 3,000 words behind.  This week, I am only 837 words behind.

On Monday, I made my biggest strides in writing 3948 words.  I hope to have many more days like that on my calendar.

As for this blog thing, I missed last Friday's blog and was a day late on Sunday's by posting it on Monday.  I know, I said I shall post every Wednesday and all other days are optional.  I had something in mind for both last Friday and this past Sunday but did not get to them in time. 

Thoughts are floating about in my mind on something I can do this Friday and every Friday but don't take me to task on it.  I hope to provide story ideas or where I get my story ideas so that others could build on them if they so chose. 

Now, I need to look in entering the 2504 words today that would get me to my Day 13 goal of 21671 words (13x1667).

So, for now, I will say "See ya later." 

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