Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo Time

It's that time again.  Time to BIKHOC – Butt in Chair, Hands On Keyboard.

That's right, this is the time of the year in which one needs to enter at least 1667 words a day for 30 days in order to reach the goal of 50,000+ words for the month of November.  The NaNo is upon us. 

Granted, my start did not get off too well.  As of this morning, I have 5246 words which puts me over 3000 words behind.  That is just over the day three goal. I've got to make up the 3000 plus words.

This is my eleventh year to participate in NaNoWriMo and I hope it will be the tenth year of winning. So, today, I've tied up the internal editor, place the cable music channel on 70's rock, opened several relevant files, and poured my coffee. 

Now, it's time to toss that editor in the closet, work with the contents of those files, drink my coffee and produce several thousand words.  I intend to catch up to my goal of 15003+ words by the end of the week. Fly fingers fly.

In order for me to reach my goal (and shut down my internal editor), I shall use a style of writing called 'freestyle writing.'  This is where one begins putting down one's ideas either on paper or on the computer without worrying about mistakes, punctuation, capitalization, etc.  The purpose is to write with abandon. Get the story down on the paper.

This is hard for me at times because that doggoned internal editor steps in and demands that I either correct something a few lines above where I am working or tells me that I need to foreshadow a scene.  To get around this, I put a note at the spot that I currently sit and then continue on. 

Another goal is to write in multiple 45-minute sprints everyday.  If I can find some friends to sprint with, then I might have some additional encouragement thus a larger word count.  It does help to know that other authors are working as well.

The purpose of these friendly sprints is that each person attempts to write as many words in a 45-minute stretch. Yes, there will be those who can manipulate the keyboard faster than others.  Yet, everyone is a winner because we all get words down on the paper or entered into the computer.  We can always edit the material later.  The main thing is to get one's ideas written in a tangible form.

As for editing, it is something I dread.  Yet, I plan to edit what I build now sometime in either December or January.

What am I working on?  It is a project that involves a series of short stories.  This particular project I intend to write at least 72 to 84 short stories from start to finish.  Each will start and end with a single story but there will be an overlying arc to the whole story as well.  The story will occur around a distant space station and the characters that occupy or appear on the station.

Tip Of The Day – placating one's internal editor in order to write freestyle.
  • When a change is needed, make a note detailing the changes one needs to make.
  • Use all capital letters and highlight the note using the highlight tool in your word-processor.
  • That way those notes will stick out from one's regular writing. 
  • It would not hurt to place two line breaks before and after the note.

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