Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's Fancy - 20131122

Hello, today, I wish to introduce a feature of my blog that I hope to put up every Friday.  I call it Friday's Fancy (Thought to call it Friday's Story Starters but like the other one better.).  When I looked up the synonym for 'idea,' one of the words that my word processor popped up was 'fancy.'  Thus, welcome to Friday's Fancy. (This is a word I may use in a future blog.) 

The purpose of this fancy of mine is to introduce ideas to help those interested in writing to develop a story.  It does not matter that everyone has access to this particular idea, because when it comes down to it, we all have our own take, so that we will write different stories using these basic ideas.  Now, the first "Fancy."

Inspiration for my stories comes from unusual as well as common sources.  That is when one starts playing the 'What If' game to see where the story goes.

An example of one of my usual sources would come from newspapers and magazines that I come across.  Take four or five headlines from unrelated stories and put them together to see what comes out.  One note: I also use some of the material contained in some of the stories to add some guidance for the story building.

An example of an unusual source for my story ideas came from a visit to my online Spam filter on Gmail. You see, I check my Spam filter to all of my major email accounts twice a week so that I do not miss any important emails that may have ended up there.  (This week, I found two emails that were not Spam).

But all the rest were Spam.  I consider this Spam fair game for ridicule or anything else I can think of.  Today, my thoughts found that these emails can be used as the basis of a story.

As for the emails, I've selected the basic information from them. There were 11 total. They are
  • An offer for a "free energy generator." A process which violates the laws of physics.
  • Three emails hawking luxury watches/replica watches.   From 3 different people-used the same web address.
  • Do you wish to meet women? 2 emails.  There are hundreds of women in my area who want to meet me. (Yea, right.  Big Grin)
  • A video that shows mind control tricks that would allow a person to make any girl swoon in their presence.  Guarantees that 'the women will never reject you no matter how ugly you are.' 
  • An email that offers a thirteen digit 'code number' and an email address to contact.  By the way, the code number is 3134231835667
  • A barrister (lawyer) from Ghana wants a trusted beneficiary to transfer money to from a $68 million trust he controlled.
  • A 3 percent business loan, respond to the email.
  • Three other emails on transfer funds.
  1. The first – no amount mentioned, no destination or origin. Just respond.
  2. The second – A secretary of the Oil and Gas Trust Fund Committee in Nigeria.  This trustee controls $140 million and wants a business proposition.
  3. The third – a regional auditor in the Philippines and a trustee of $30.2 million that belonged to an American who died back in 2003.

Now, the fun parts begins.  Select the email that subjects interest you.  After picking several, then see how you can connect them to build a story.  You do not need to limit yourself to these particular subject for your story.  But try to integrate at least three of them in your assignment. 

Alternate Assignment: Go through your own Spam filters to see if anything in them jump out at you.  Let me know what you came up with. 

Note: I will post examples of what I came up with tomorrow and Monday.

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