Monday, November 25, 2013

Assignment-20131122 - Example Two

As promised, here is my second example to Friday's post.  I will be using some of the same emails mentioned Friday to show a second story scenario. 

This example is targeted for the Sci-Fi market.  I did not know if I would ever use the first example, but I do intend on using part of this in one of my short stories.

  • Rholi Brede, Security Chief, Heywah Space Station
  • Checks his electronic communications. Finds his usual missives as well as spurious ones.
  • Receives his intelligence reports through the so-call trash messages (Spam to us in the Earth realm.).
  • The three messages containing the trustees hunting for potential heirs are actually reports from three operatives working in three different hostile governments.  They report possible problems that the regimes are to incur.
  • The two messages on meeting girls gave him the names of two space transports that managed to evade patrols and suspected of carrying human contraband.
  • Again, the video message is coupled with the separate 13-digit code to provide video intelligence on the two ships and the ships' markings.
Now, what can you do with this additional information?

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