Saturday, November 23, 2013

Assignment-20131122 - Example One

Hello, I promised to provide one of my examples today. So, here it is.

Like I said yesterday, inspiration comes from almost anywhere.  From the 11 emails I referred to, there are six that I wish to use for this example.
  1. the two on meeting women
  2. the one on the video
  3. the 13 digit code number (3134231835667)
  4. one of the trustee emails
  5. the transfer of funds with no amount mentioned
How do I use these emails?  Good question.  First, I am increasing the number of the 'meeting women' emails to five.

Here are my ideas based on those emails selected.  Note, most of this material never showed up in the emails.  That is where not limiting yourself to just the information from the emails.  Expand on them.

First set of basic ideas:
  • Hero: Henry Moses
  • Heroine: Joan Davis
  • One is an agent for a secret society that searches for missing people.
  • The five emails on sexual partners gave the agent the names of five people who are missing: four women, one man.
  • They are suspected to be sold into slavery of various types.
  • The so-called video on how to make women fall for even the ugliest man has a hidden video showing the last known video of the five missing people being loaded into a van.
  • The thirteen digit code is the secret password to access the video.  It is also contains the code to access other bits of information.
  • The email on transferring of funds with no amount or location tells the agent that the five are to be auctioned off but no minimums.
  • The trustee email contains the name of a contact the agent needed meet for more intelligence on the five's location and condition.

As you can see, I did not use too much material from the emails. (The parts used are underlined, bold and the color blue.)  All the rest are what popped to mind when I worked on these items.

Now, the "What If" questions:
  • What if Joan was one of the four women taken?
  • What if Henry was the lone male taken?
  • How does this affect the heroine or hero to find their love in this position? 
  • What are the first things that the heroine/hero do to find the five? 
  • What kind of information can s/he pull off of the video recording?
  • What other bits of data are available to rescue the five?
  • What if the 'ugly man' pictured in the video email looked like the hero?
  • How would he feel about it?  How would she feel about it?  (Big Grin)
One can pull out an unending number of questions.  And depending on the answers, you can ask more questions based on those answers.

Does this give you ideas on a story to write? 

Assignment: Take the basics provided and expand on them.  Answer the questions and create new questions based on the answers.

Don't limit yourself to these email subjects when building your story. 

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