Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome from the Nation of Procrasti

Monday, August 22

Hello, today, I speak to you about my resent visit to the Procrasti Nation. I also refer to it as the ‘Land of Later.’ My habit of putting things off until later has gotten me in trouble again.

You see, I had several chances of building my blog posts but decided to do them later. The problem with doing them later is that I tend to forget to do what I planned to get done until the deadline had passed.

That’s why I missed the last two entries of my blog. Thinking I had plenty of time to work on it, I found that I put the task off until later; then, I promptly forgot to do it all together. Thus, my trip to the Nation of Procrasti has gotten me in trouble.

I intended to write these blog posts and really do not have any excuse for not writing them. They don’t take much time to write. Most of the time, the ideas flow easily onto the screen as my fingers fly across the keyboard.

Anyway, as for ideas, I stumbled across two pages containing doubled-column lists of blog ideas. So, I can’t use the excuse of not having a subject for my post.

So, I stumbled out of the ‘Land of Later’ to start work on this blog post and still managed to get to it almost too late. I’m tired of not getting things done, so earlier, I sat down and wrote a list of 12 items that I wish to complete this week. My plan is to dedicate time toward each of these items on that list until they get done.

The list has been prioritized. Writing my two blog posts for this week is at the top of that list. It is among the top five in the list that will get the most attention. (The top item on the list is editing a first draft of the first book I completed.)

Other items on my list (not in any order of priority) are building a newsletter, building an article, reading a book, backing up my data, and doing a few items toward my writers’ group duties.

Now, the question of the week: Do you ever visit the Nation of Procrasti? If so, when do you most likely find yourself wandering in the vast fields of Procrast Nation to put off doing important work or activities? How do you get yourself motivated enough to get out of the “Land of Later” and start working?

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