Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back

Monday, August 8

Hello, I am sorry for being silent on my blog lately. I look at it as me taking a three-month vacation which I should not have taken.

Again, let me iterate, I intend to write my two posts a week. They will come out on Mondays and Thursdays. I should be able to keep up with doing it twice a week. I plan on devoting most of my time working on my writing. I have many characters that are screaming at the present time wondering where in the heck I am hiding.

Over the next few weeks, I will be evaluating my goals and sorting through the material I need to work on and the material I want to work on. If I can trim some of my unnecessary items, then I would be happy.

My plan is to dedicate this blog to writing subjects. I hope I have something that I could contribute to those of you who may be stopping by for a visit. I encourage you to ask any questions that may come to mind. I hope I may be able to answer them. If not, I can see if I could find someone who could.

My question for this week will be, “If you were a dragon, would you prefer the hot weather or cold weather?” I ask this as the temperature outside tops 102 degrees Fahrenheit outside the window.

My answer to this question would be that my dragon would prefer the heat over the cold. My reason behind this is that chances are that it may be a cold-blooded creature and may need more of a warm climate in order to function.

Although in cold weather, it should be able to build a fire real easily with one puff of its breath.

What do you believe?

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