Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunting for Ideas

Thursday, August 25

I know I have written about his before, but I feel that I should encroach the subject again.

Have you ever read a news article, watched a news report or heard a news report that triggered an idea for a story idea? The news item(s) doesn’t(don’t) have to be a major news story but something in the back of the newspaper or near the last part of a television/radio newscast that starts you to thinking.

This happens to me all the time. If I don’t watch out, I will saturate my mind with an overflow of ideas. Then there are times that the news doesn’t capture my imagination. The funny thing is that what did not catch my attention one time may catch it the second time around.

Yet, I find myself collecting these bits and pieces of information from the news stories and placing them in my journal for future reference. Then I go through the material on occasion to pull material for my current work in progress.

In the past, I’ve used news stories to help break a block in my writing. It allows me to expand on my story when I feel stuck. Then my story goes off in another direction. Yes, I usually have to put a note in my work to go back and foreshadow if there is a need for it. We do not need a new character to just appear on page 100.

Sometimes when I listen to or read the news, I do feel depressed in that it is usually about something that went wrong somewhere. But, I do not limit myself to the bad news. I also like to note the good news as well.

So the next time you watch/listen to the news on television/radio or read the paper, listen for those juicy morsels of information that may add some dimension to your story.

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