Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Kitty Kat

Sunday, April 03

Hi and good day to you. Earlier this week, I decided that I wished to dedicate my blog to the art of writing. Yet, today, I intend to discuss a new kitty that seemed to have adopted us.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, in the past I have used my cats as inspiration for some of my writing. Our last two cats until this one showed up had been black. To keep from stepping on them at night, I watched for black holes in the darkness to move about.

This inspired me to call some of the harbingers of evil in my books to be nicknamed ‘Black Holes,’ because they take on the appearance of dark objects moving through the shadows of night.

We still have one of the black cats which we call Fuzztail. The new cat is white with big brown spots in its coat. He remains skittish, yet, I was able to pet him yesterday. Feeding it some cat food has broken the ice-so to speak.

He walked up and down the porch getting closer and closer. I tried not to move suddenly because that would result in the cat shooting off of the porch. I placed my hand down low enough so that he could rub against it if he chose to do so.

He eventually made it to my hand and I scratched his head and back. Trust had been established. He remains skittish but he doesn’t run as far as he used to do when we approach.

Over the last 15 to 16 years, the only way we seemed to be able to keep a cat is if it starts off with a healthy case of skepticism. It’s not the neighborhood dogs but the area owls and other predator birds that seem to cause the problem.

Also, every cat we acquire seemed to show up on our doorstep. They selected us as their keepers instead of us picking them out.

My older brother has one that picked them. They went to an animal shelter to get a cat, and the one they walked out with began playing with them immediately as they approached her cage. The shelter personnel said the cat never did that before.

I intend to use these cats as inspiration for my writing and include some of their characteristics in the pets in my stories.

How about you; do you have pets that help you write? Mine sometimes realizes that I should take a break and force me to rub her head. I suspect the new kitty will soon do the same.


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