Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writer’s Wednesday - Advice

Wednesday, March 23

Again, I will be discussing advice received from my fellow writers. This time I will cover writing time and writer’s block.

The first thing my fellow writers told me to do is to not wait for inspiration to write. If I do, I wouldn’t get anything done. That’s true for me. Inspiration arrives at the most inopportune time - like while driving, at a restaurant, or other locations where I find it hard to write and do not have the resources to record the idea.

Then, there are times that I do not feel like writing. Place that on top of the times I sit to write but my muse decides to take a vacation. My ideas flee as I sit to write.

Yet, to get over this writer’s block, my friends tell me to sit at my keyboard and start writing whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what it is, just put “butt in chair; hands on keyboard.” One other thing I do is to start playing “What if…” games. Soon, I find that I am able to write. Yes, the beginning will probably be deleted but I would have something accomplished.

Another way that they tell me that helps is if I sit down and write at the same time every day. I know one author who would edit four pages and then write four pages before she left for work in the morning.

When I write at the same time everyday, I anticipate my writing and tend to start thinking about my story before I start.

Now, for my advice to my fellow writers, I suggest that one should not wait for inspiration before writing. One should pick a particular time during the day, select a writing goal of word count or of a specified period, and sit down and write. If one finds herself/himself with a blank mind, start playing ‘What if…’ games with what s/he had already written.

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