Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writer’s Wednesday - 2011-03-16

Wednesday, March 16

Today, I continue my series on ‘advice given by other authors.’ Today’s topic will cover conferences and the reasons why one should attend them.

As Sunday’s (actually Monday’s) post indicated, I just returned from NOLA STARs’ Written in the Stars 2011 Conference. I enjoyed this conference and came home inspired to work on my writing projects.

To me, this is one reason I enjoy going to conferences. One can return reinvigorated with the energy to push himself/herself to continue writing on those projects that one started. The reason I come home reinvigorated is that I get to network with my friends and meet new friends to converse with in the future.

Networking with those who also write and understand where I come from when I begin talking about my writing. Like minded people tend to encourage and to boost each other in their writing craft.

Then there are the workshops. One can learn new techniques that may help him/her build on skills that add dimension to one’s work.

Finally, there are the agent/editor workshops and appointments. The workshops offer information about those particular agents or editors. They can answer questions about what type of material they currently seek.

The one-on-one appointments allow one to pitch one or more story ideas with the agent and editor. An author has a better chance of getting his/her work seen by these agents or editors after these appointments.

Also, one may get a chance to socialize these agents/editors as well. These contacts an increase one’s chances of getting published.

Several members of the writer’s group in which I belong (NOLA STARs’) attribute their publication directly to attending conferences. A few mentioned that they met his/her agent or editor at the conference and struck up conversations with them. When it came time to pitch his/her work, he/she already had a rapport with the agent or editor. This previous contact made the process much easier to approach them for publication.

So, conferences do have a place in one’s career. Attending them allows one to increase his/her contact base and increases the chance one has of getting published. At least, that is my take on conference.

So, have you attended a conference lately?

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