Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visiting Blogs

Sunday, March 20

Today, I chose to go to the net and look at the various blogs that I have bookmarked. Out of the thirty that I keep an eye on, several caught my attention and may note the message for today. I left comments on two pages as well. I try to visit some of these blogs at least three times a week.

The main reason I cruise blogs is to look for material that I may be able to enhance my characters among other things. It is almost like a study in human behavior sometimes.

For instance, in Maeve Greyson’s March 5 post, she notes how she needed a break and how her husband provided it. Now, what about your characters? Could they need a break? Who will step up and assist them or will they decide to take a break on her/his own? You can read the post I refer to at

Another blog site questions whether technology is good or bad. The Romance Bandits’ March 18 blog discusses the pros and cons of technology. This too can be fodder for enhancing one’s story. And, one shouldn’t forget the comments at the end of a post. Some can contain interesting information. You can find this post at

Another site that I visit quite often is the one called Attacking the Page. They provide both writing and martial art advice and information. You can visit them at

Do you have any favorite web sites? Do they offer inspiration to your writing? If so, in what way?

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