Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Thought’s

Sunday, March 27

Hello. I hope your day is being a bit more productive than mine. For some reason, I have gotten myself into one of my information overload modes. When I get in this mode, so much information courses through my mind that I tend play or waste time instead of write or work on my goals.

To break the effects of information overload, I focus on one item and push everything else out of my mind. That is what I am doing right now. By forcing myself to zero in on one project, I can accomplish one of my goals: to build a blog post twice a week.

In the first part of March, my blog contains a few empty spots where blog posts should reside. For the last few weeks though, I managed to get something up on my blog twice a week. Yes, sometimes the posts showed up a day late, but I am getting better at building them.

Yesterday was a beautiful day though warm. Though cold weather returned overnight. Of the two, I prefer warm over cold. Cold weather tends to bring on my gout. Plus, it seems that I can’t get warmed up enough when it is cold around here.

The thing is that if I do not write, Mr. Grumpy shows up. Wait a sec.; someone’s knocking at the door.

My goal for this next week will be to focus my thoughts on my writing and just put the words on the page. See ya on Wednesday.

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