Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Thoughts - 2011-01-30

Sunday, January 30

Well, there went one of my resolutions for this year. I did not think I would break it that quick but I did. What am I talking about? The resolution that I made to post something to my blog twice a week. I missed two Wednesdays and a Sunday. I hope I do not miss any more.

Needless to say, I have been working on my goals for this year. One of these was to search through my 2010 journals to lookup story and article ideas. So far, I’ve made it through to October of last year. That leaves November and December journals to go through.

So far, I got 62 pages of information pertaining to article ideas and 59 pages of information covering my story ideas. I placed each in its own file so that I can go through them at a later date.

As I write this, I have spent the at least 4 hours going through the file containing the article ideas. I eliminated 12 pages from that file and come up with at least 17 articles. My goal was to come up with 12 article ideas before the end of the month. I surpassed that goal. One reason is that I came up with a few additional ideas for articles while I worked on the file. That leaves another 40 pages of ideas to go through and build.

Another goal I am trying to complete is to complete an article before the end of the month. I am close on that one. I worked several hours on one this past Friday. Will be working on it some this afternoon as well as tomorrow.

This one I plan to put in as a tip sheet to my chapter’s conference booklet. On March 11 & 12, NOLA STARs will sponsor their annual Written in the Stars Conference. As part of the conference, Nola Stars members submit tip sheets that offer writing tips in the form of an article. Mine will be just one of many articles that the booklet will contain.

I hope to tell a little more about my article on Wednesday. How are your resolutions holding up?

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