Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year’s - My Resolutions

Wednesday, January 05

Today, I plan to cover the goals I want for the following year. On Monday, I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down 13 writing goals. Since then, I added a few more. Now, I know I have much on my plate. So, in this post, I plan to go over the most important ones.

The most important resolution: To go through and assess my story ideas. I found that over the years that I have come up with over a hundred ideas if not more. I need to assess these ideas on story size (short story, novella, novel, articles, audio and/or movie script), story type (Sci Fi, mystery, suspense, etc.), and importance (what level of work I intend to do on the story).

To do this particular resolution, I need to work on another resolution. Resolution Numero Two: To catalog all of my stories in a notebook or database program as to story sizes, series, story type, when started, when finished, when and who sent to, progress on the project.

Like I said, I have a bunch of ideas in my computer. Some of which I have not thought about for years. I want to get my act together and build something physical that I could look at that tells me what I have. This will include a short description of the story.

My Third Resolution: To update my series bibles. I have two or three series in which I have multiple ideas for books. The current series I am working on has at least 12 books or ideas of books and two short story series partially planned out. I need to build a timeline and standardize some things between the books and short stories of that series.

Numero Four Resolution: To finish editing my first book and submit it. I finished the first draft of my first book this past summer. In doing this, my goal to complete my second edit will be March 1. June 1 will be my goal for completion of that book. That includes a third edit.

My Fifth Resolution: After finishing the third edit, I will break down and allow my work to go out to some associates for critiquing. Since I will be too close to my work, I may miss some critical aspects pertaining to my book. This too will be done before June 1. I hope to place it in the hands of an editor or agent in June.

My Sixth Resolution of the year: To write a minimum of 7,000 words toward my writing projects a week. I will shoot for 14,000 words a week but will remain a realist. I know I can get 1,000 words a day without any problems. If I get more, then great. At that rate, I can get 300,000 words in about 300 days. That is my goal for this year.

Resolution Numero Seven: To write an article a month that writer’s can use. Whether the subject deals with writing, plotting or even computer issues, I hope to enlighten my fellow writers by providing an article that I hope they can use.

My Eighth and Final Resolution I plan to cover today: To read at least 50 books this year and write reviews of them. This may include some re-reading of some books. I need to read more books because I know it helps me on building my books: Not the story idea but the sentence, paragraph, scene structures. When I read well written books, the writing structures in my stories improve as well.

I hope to keep you informed on how I do on the above resolutions. I have more resolutions that I will post on Sunday, but I do not like to write long posts and this one is getting quite long. Let me know what you have planned for your New Year.

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