Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-12-15

Wednesday, December 15

Sorry for being absent this past week. Time just flew by before I knew it. I decided to get off my duff this morning and post something.

This week I want to talk about an idea I had that I hope would help someone I care about. You see, he did not finish school and is about to start his life in society. Without an education, his prospects are not too good at getting a decent job. He has past the written part of the GED test. If I can spur his interest in learning, I hope to get him to a point where he may be able to complete it.

Being of the ‘texting’ generation, I had this idea that I could try to give him little nuggets of wisdom over the next year. He is quite intelligent and learns quickly. Just does not have the patience to stick to something too long. Yet, he does love to text and to use his phone. Also, the phone he owns gives him the ability to keep notes and write memos in a word processor similar to Wordpad in Windows.

My idea involves me sending him tidbits of information using the texting feature of his phone. Since he has unlimited texting ability as does my mom’s phone, I can send it to him without it costing him.

The one thing I plan to do is build his vocabulary by sending him a word, its definition and several samples. With text being limited to 160 characters, I may have to send multiple texts to accomplish this.

But to enter all that information into the phone and send it would be a great hassle since the phone we have only has the normal keypad and not the keyboard version. Since mom’s phone is a Motorola Razr, I got the software to connect it to my computer. Thus I can build these lessons on my computer and then send them to my mom’s phone.

Another thought I had on this is that I may make it a tweet or even set up another blog to share what I build. If someone else can use these materials, then great.

One source of words is the daily crossword puzzle. Where else can one find one to three word definitions of words. Then again, there is the thesaurus. It is a great source for one-word definitions.

I am still mulling things over and trying to figure things out. The plan date of the start of this project is on January 1, 2011. To get a head start, I have already put together a list of words with some definitions.

Between now and the first of the year, I hope to build two lessons a day so I can be ready for interruptions in my goals. Another thing I might do is check to see if there is an Internet site that allows texts to be sent.

Granted, my nephew may start deleting the texts as soon as he gets them. But on the odd chance he may look at them at least once, he could learn something. Let me know if you think this may be a worthwhile endeavor.

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