Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - Day 3

Wednesday, November 03

Well, I do not have any special pearls of wisdom to discuss today. I managed to pump out 2147 words toward my projects yesterday.

In past posts of my Writer’s Wednesday, I noted that when visit various places that I take something to take notes with. Last night, my composition notebook accompanied me to various places. Also, at times yesterday, I wrote notes into my composition notebook about other projects. I am quite sure that I have another 600 plus words that needs to be entered into the computer and added to my total.

This year’s adventure seems to be taking me down the same road as the previous years. I tend to jump around in my story. One moment, an idea about the beginning pops to mind. Then the next moment, an idea pertaining to the ending forces itself to the forefront. At any one time, I can be working on the middle, the end or the beginning of my novel.

Then there are times when I find myself writing on ideas that have nothing to do with the novel I am working on. Yet, I refuse to let an idea get by. I know that I will not be able to work on or complete all of these project ideas. But, I will have fun trying.

Now, for today’s goal, I want to write at least 3,000 words. Will find out this evening what I will accomplish.

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