Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-11-17

Wednesday, November 17

Welcome to day 17 of the challenge. Stats:
Total to Date: 34,277
Monday's Total : 1,350
Tuesday's Total: 474.
It looks as if I have been slacking of on the last two days. Actually, yesterday, I got more than the paltry 474 words, because I took over three pages of notes while away from my computer. Those notes have yet to be entered into the computer so I should have a super large number for today’s total.

I played with a technique that I picked up from a writer’s book in which I write down my thoughts in short sentences and phrases. Whatever idea pops to mind, I wrote it down. The surprise came when I discovered how much I pumped out. It helped me flesh out my scenes and clear up some story points. At the present time, I still have gaps in my story.

Yet, this technique helped fill in some of the gaps. So, when you feel like you need to fill in a gap in your story, this is the time to play the “What if?” game. I would suggest playing it by putting down your answers to the questions in short sentences or phrases. Do not worry with punctuation. Just get the idea down on paper or computer.

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