Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNo Day 6

Saturday, November 06

This will be short and sweet.
Total So Far: 10187
Friday’s Word Count: 1158
I did not expect to get much written yesterday and I didn’t. I spent the day visiting with a cousin in north Louisiana. We played a game of Rook which I have not played in over 35 years.

As for my writing, one of the items I got from the kick off party is a toy soldier. Actually, I got two of them. Right now, I have the one that holds the bazooka on the top of my laptop pointing his weapon right at me. He will be my inspiration for today. If I do not work, he may fire that thing. (Big Grin)

Like I said, I plan on getting over 6,000 words this weekend. I will start on those words after breakfast this morning. I hope you are making satisfactory progress toward your work. Let me know.

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