Friday, November 12, 2010

NaNo Day 12

Friday, November 12

Total to Date: 25,703
Wednesday’s Total: 1,122
Thursday’s Total: 1,689
First, I wish to celebrate reaching the halfway mark. I had planned to make this mark earlier this week. That is where prior obligations get into the way. I’ve passed the halfway mark on the contest entries I have to judge and critique. That leaves three more to go. Yet, other things are popping up. I hope to get 2500 more today.

Now, I had been contemplating what else I might write about this morning. Then a topic dropped write into my lap. As I write this, our cat is fussing at my mother because she wants more cat food. The cat continued to talk to my mom as mom carried it to the front door and tossed it outside. This has become a daily occurrence.

Now, it makes me wonder what that cat is saying as we placed her out the front door. Then again, we may not want to know what she is saying. Since cats seemed to be very domineering at times, I guess she was giving commands to let her down and give her cat food among other choice words.

This brings back memory of a cat I had years ago. My father would talk to this cat and it, at times, sounded like it talked back. All I know is that when my father told this cat he could not come into the house, he would not enter when we opened the door for him. He did come in when my dad told him that he could come in.

Sounds like a good start of a sci fi novel. The thing about cats is that I suspect they would resort to blackmail to get their way. If they could communicate with us, there may be fewer cats as pets. At least, I suspect it would be that way. (Big Grin)

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