Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello NaNoWriMo - Day 1

Monday, November 01

Hello everyone. As part of my enthusiasm for this month’s ordeal, I plan on writing something every day this month. Most of it will be on writing but some may not.

As I stated yesterday, I plan to work on a new story for this month’s project. Now that I look at my notes, I found out that I may be working on two books. They will be set in the same era of my fictitious world in a far away galaxy. But they can have some parallels but need to be developed together. One may be my main work but I will interject things into the other.

Whether I will get 50k words for each one will be something to look into. Usually, I am not this ambitious. I would like to get 100K words in. That being said, I have too many irons in the fire for me to be able to dedicate that much time to doing this.

I will tell you this, I plan to be active in the write-ins for my area which is the USA :: Louisiana :: Elsewhere. Though, I have this feeling that I may not be able to attend them all.

One kickoff party will start at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches at 5:00 this afternoon. The plan is to get together for 2.5 hours. In the past, we usually just write but I have never made it to a kick-off party before so I do not know what to expect.

My goal for today is to start off with 5,000 words toward my goals. Whether or not I achieve that goal will depend on how many interruptions I run into. I plan to keep my fingers moving all day. I hope to finish up the 5,000 words at the kick-off party this evening.

Stay tuned. I will see about adding something to my blog to let you know how I am doing toward this goal. There is an added calendar to this blog that will show if I have gotten my daily minimum of 1,667. I will be noting how many words I wrote the previous day in the first paragraph of this blog every day.

So, time to roll up my sleeves - wait, I’m wearing short sleeves (Big Grin) - and get to writing. See ya tomorrow.

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