Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Overwhelmed

Monday, November 22

Welcome to Day 22 of the challenge.

  • Total to Date: 45,468 words
Sorry for missing the last four days. That does not mean I stopped my writing. On the 17th, I had 34,277 words. Since then, I’ve added another 11,191 words to my total.

Over the last few days, I fought the strong feeling of being overwhelmed. The problem with this feeling with me is that I normally shut down and refuse to work on anything until it goes away. What happens is that I start thinking about my project as a whole. Another term for this could be ‘information overload.’

It does not help that my stories tend to get quite complicated and interconnected. If I do not force myself to concentrate on one subject and work on it, I can get distracted and pulled away from the project all together.

Yet, my determination to keep going allowed me to focus on a single item and push the other thoughts out of my mind. I muddled through it by trying my best to ignore my internal editor. Also, I force myself to remain in the chair even when I want to get up and do anything except writing on my novel.

Granted, some of the material I am entering into my computer may get tossed, but if I don’t put it down, I will not have the idea behind what I wrote. I can always pull the idea out of the bad grammar and misspelled words and fashion it so that it reads well.

But, that is why they call it the first draft. I keep telling myself that. This helps break that overwhelming feeling I get at times. I will make my 50k words ahead of time. Whether I will get to the 75k word level or not is still up in the air.

Well, until later. Happy writing – Clark Stone

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