Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things Happen - Where’s the Water

Tuesday, October 26

Last week, I climbed into the shower to prepare for a good scrubbing. The water pressure did not feel right. Its flow seemed to be weak but sufficient. I did not think anything about it.

I managed to get my hair soaped up and rinsed. From there, I proceeded to lather up the rest of me. As I happily covered myself with soap, I had not noticed the water had stopped flowing.

After a few moments, the silence became deafening. I normally point the showerhead away from me while I soap up. When I looked over, I found that no water came out of it. Soon, I heard this strange gurgling sound followed by a sucking sound of the water being pulled back into the pipe.

Now, here I am standing in my shower with no way to rinse this soap off. The only water we have in the house is in the refrigerator. On top of this, I do not have time to heat it up. Brrrrrrr. BG.

No, I did not use that water. I ended up toweling off the soap the best I could and hoped I did not smell like soap when I went to my karate class. At least, I had managed to have my hair rinsed out before the water died on me.

This sounds like something I could make one of my characters go through. Though, I could make it worse in several ways. What if the character had his/her hair soaped up? What if someone yelled fire after the water went off? What if it was a prank? What if?


  1. LOL, I love the thought of a fire alarm. I can see a guy or gal running out into the street covered in soap bubbles. We writers are a crazy bunch. We can see a novel in everything.

  2. I agree on the 'crazy bunch' description. What I was thinking was to have the main character's friend be a major practical joker. He have someone shut off the water and lights, use a smoke bomb to push smoke under the bathroom door, and yell fire. The smoke would add an urgency to the situation.

    But then again, if someone did this to me, they would become a subject for a true crime novel because I would have to kill them.

    Dennis Clarkston
    aka Clark Stone