Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Reflections - 2010-10-17

Sunday, October 17

Hello everyone. Welcome to the start of a new week. I have several thoughts that came to me over the last few weeks.

It seems that I am constantly reassessing my goals and what I need to be doing. If I do not watch out, I can find myself wasting away my time by constantly reassessing. I plan to sit down and start working on the goals instead of thinking about them. But not all the thoughts today are about my goals.

Now, one of my goals is to see if my new boom box can be used as an external speaker set for my television set. Until a couple of weeks ago, the sound on our television set would vary depending on which channel we watched. It turned out that the cable box did not have a strong signal. He said something about being 16 dB low and that’s quite low. After the technician left, we no longer had problems with the sound.

Yet, there is one aspect of living in a small town that I do not care for is the lack of a good radio station. The ones I like to listen to are either 70 miles north of here or 55 miles south of Natchitoches. They have one station in Natchitoches that plays decent music but they do have interruptions that I do not care for.

This morning I connected a cable to the audio out connectors to the cable box. My boom box has an ‘Auxiliary Input’ in the back of it. Now, I can listen to the music channels that the cable provides without having the television turned on. Another plus is that there are no commercials. It is working perfect. I am listening to a 70’s station as I type this. Now, to find batteries for the boom box’s remote.

Now, toward my goals, I wrote out these goals on individual sheets and have arranged them in order of importance. The 4 x 6 inch photo album that I am using helps keep them organized. I will cut back on reassessing my goals to Sundays. The rest of this week will be working toward completing my goals.

I know I normally write three blog posts a week and last week I missed the Friday one. I may make up for that by doing an extra post tomorrow. I should do this every day because I like to do it. Yet, I find myself trying to avoid doing it as well. It is like a non-important internal conflict fighting within me.

Well, those are the two thoughts I wish to cover for today. There are more but I feel that long posts would not be received well. I like them short, so I should follow my own tenet. Have a productive week.

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