Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Musings - 2010-10-03

Sunday, October 03

Welcome to the start of a new week. Today, I am going through my goals reassessing them and trying to prioritize the more important ones. I have allowed myself to be bogged down with too much of the trivial stuff around my life and have not worked on the important parts of my life.

So, today, I am looking over a list of items that I wrote down on a pad earlier this week. The list is quite long, and I know there are more items that need to be placed on this list. The top two things on my list are ‘my spiritual/mental health’ and ‘my physical health.’ The third thing on my list is ‘my book.’

In a way, all three are interconnected in that I need to work on all of them to feel happy and healthy. The problem is that I got a good look at myself in a mirror and realized that I have not taken good care of my physical health. This affected my mental health in that I felt depressed afterward. Also, not working on my love, which is writing, has gotten me down as well.

So, today, I shall go over my to do lists and begin working on prioritizing my goals. Also, I shall take out a sheet of paper and expand on what I can do to advance my spiritual/mental health, my physical health, and my novel/writing.

The main thing I have to work on is bringing myself around to the single-minded drive of not allowing anything to knock me off of achieving my goals. This means that I need to corral my self-doubt and toss it into a closet. Also, wrapping up the fear of failure and other fears in duct tape so thick that they cannot find their way back to the surface. Then bury them under heavy rocks.

I have ideas on how I can work myself into a position to build on these goals. One is to meditate in order to set my mind and body on the right course for the day. In some ways, I can compare it to self-hypnosis in that I will be using combination of affirmation cards and prayer lists to work my mind and controlled breathing to empty all stresses in my body. I have done this before and it seems to work. My problem is that I allow other things to interrupt my meditation time.

So, I can tell you that sometime this week, I will re-implement my meditation time. I may start off with 15 minutes and then increase that time every couple weeks. I have some meditation music. I may even build a script to listen to as the music plays. I do have a text to voice program that could read it to me. (I hate to hear my own voice.)

I do not know how this will turn out but I am aiming to better myself. One major goal is to remain happy and healthy. Do you have any ideas on this subject? Let me know.

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