Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-09-08

Wednesday, September 8

Hello, today’s topic will expand some my topic from the last Writer’s Wednesday, which was on voice recorders and taking notes.

Today, I wish to concentrate on the subject of composition notebooks. The ones that have thick cardboard covers and are actually stitched together instead of using a piece of spiral wire to hold it together. To me, they are a bit more durable than the spiral notebooks.

I take one with me wherever I go, so I can write notes. Thought that was what the voice recorder is for. Yes and no. The main purpose for the voice recorder is to capture my thoughts while driving.

Now, there are times when ideas pop into my mind and I am not driving. Places that require me to take notes using a notebook and pen. Places that have people walking around that would probably call for those guys with the white lab coats requesting that I put on a jacket with these extra long sleeves. Especially, if I get into one of my ‘What if?’ sessions.

One reason I use composition notebooks in public is that I am too self-conscious of speaking into my voice recorder around others. The composition notebook fits these situations perfectly in that I can let my imagination bust loose on paper.

At times like this, I would like to pull out my computer. Maybe if it were one of those small netbooks, I would have, but mine is a 17-inch laptop. Though portable, I do not want to lug that thing around.

I usually go through two or three a year. Sometimes, when I am in a location where I am bored, I try to challenge myself to build scenes involving those around me and their antics. Sometimes, story ideas may already inhabit my mind and I need to unload them before I explode. Whatever the reason, I usually carry this notebook with me.

Again, I hate losing good ideas because I did not stop to record or write it down. Once an idea escapes my grasp, I rarely am able to recapture it. All I remember is that I had a good idea and feel frustrated.

Do you carry around paper and pen? What other devices or implements do you use to keep up with your ideas?

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