Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost Conveniences

Monday, September 20

Sorry for missing yesterday’s post. Have you ever started to work on something and then get distracted. It seems to happen a lot with me these days. But I digress. Let me get to the true topic of this post: Lost Conveniences.

I do not know what luxuries and conveniences I have got until I no longer have access to it. What brought is thought about is on Saturday we had an electrical storm pass through. We lost power for about 30 minutes which turned our trailer into an oven.

That was cured quickly enough when mom and I went outside to sit on the porch. The air outside felt cool especially when the wind blew. I could have used my laptop since I had a full battery charge but decided not to.

The one convenience I missed was the Internet. The power came back on about 40 minutes later, but the Internet did not. I did not worry with Saturday night, because in the past, it took a while for the Internet to restart.

Yesterday morning, I reset the modem, my router and my computer communications program. The computer indicated that it had access to my router, the router’s lights flashed in a normal fashion and the modem showed proper activity. Yet, my net browser kept giving me that stupid look. You know; the one that says, “What page? No one is talking to me?” or “Yes, what do you want?”

This definitely interrupted my need to search out answers to a few questions that demanded to be answered. The next question I had to answer is what is the phone number to my Internet Service.

Finally, I had to break down and open up the phone book. After giving the technician a call, I saw more activity over my modem. Actually, after I called them, my cable modem locked up. I guess they tried to access it. So, I reset it. After modem came back up, I had Internet. Now, I was happy.

I believe that they had to reset some of the repeaters that may have been locked up due to the static electricity in the air. I have seen printers and other items lock up due to excessive static electricity. So, I know it can happen at times.

All of this makes me appreciate all of my conveniences that we have now. I know the one thing that would be the perfect punishment for someone who has access to all of the modern amenities. This sounds like a perfect time for a time travel. Have someone who is used to cell phones, mp3 players, CD players, television and the like and have them travel back to the old west.

With this scenario, how would s/he react to this situation? A hunter carrying a modern rifle and packing a 9 mm handgun with limited amount of ammunition for both. How does he prepare himself when he realizes that he is no longer in the future? Go ahead, have fun with this thread.

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