Saturday, September 4, 2010


Saturday, September 04

Today, I wish to discuss my venture into exercise. Someone asked in their blog if we writers have superstitions. I really do not believe in them but I do avoid doing certain things because I’m afraid I would jinx it.

How does that relate to exercise? Well, in the past, when I announced that I was going to do exercises, I find that soon thereafter I stopped. The only reason I am venturing out on it today is because I believe that I have started something that I find that I can continue doing.

It is a simple exercise in that four weeks ago or more I started doing 15 squats but without weights. Since I am overweight, I figure that I am lifting enough weights for the time being. Though there are times that I do hold a 25-pound dumbbell in my hands while doing the exercise.

I use a chair under me in part as a gage of how far to go down and in part to keep me from falling if I happen to lose my balance. So far, I have not lost my balance. (knock on wood - BG) I also do multiple sets of them throughout the day. My goal is to do a minimum of four, but I have made five and six sets a day more often.

After two weeks, I added doing some multiple sets of 10 simple curls using that 25-pound dumbbell. My arms are feeling much better as well.

I know that these exercises are doing some good. For one thing, the legs on my shorts are starting to get tight around my thighs. Plus, I feel stronger and my blood pressure has dropped even though it was not high in the first place.

My blood pressure being lower has caused some drowsiness between 2:30 and 5:00. I found my blood pressure sat at 115/55 during that time period. It has allowed me to decrease the use of one of my medicines bringing the lower pressure up to 60-65. At those levels, I can function with being drowsy.

This past week I found myself increasing those squats to 20 reps per set. I have also started doing 25 pushups. Yea, I know; doing them from the knees is cheating but I am unable to do them at all from my toes - at least not yet.

So, with that being said, I hope to keep this up and slowly add more exercises to the mix. At least, I am getting some exercise in that I had not been doing before.

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