Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writers’ Wednesday - 2010-08-04

Wednesday, August 04

Today, I wish to cover the topic of book reading. Every since I joined Nola Stars and RWA, I have heard authors say that one should read what they write. One reason is so that the person can learn what the publishers are looking for. But I also have heard some say that one should read period.

To me, this means that if one reads both good and bad novels, one could pick up the nuances of the work and learn from them. Mainly, how to write what would sell and avoid what could get your work rejected.

How one uses a sentence, paragraph, description, dialog, etc., can either grab the reader or repel her/him. I know I have material in my work that needs editing. This means that I need to polish each sentence and make sure the words flow.

Recently, I have found myself doubting my writing structure. By reading, I am finding my way back to what I need to do. The problem with me is that I really do not read enough. Though, I just tried to read an e-book I downloaded and could not read too much of it. The story seemed to be interesting but the writing seemed to be a bit stilted. After reading about five pages, I stopped. I will go back and try to read more.

As for reading material, I have plenty to choose from. Mom has a collection of at least 50 or more books to choose from. My problem is that I do not read very fast and I can find that I’ve run out of time to work on other material. Yet, I have decided to set aside at least two hours a day to read.

Reading books will help me through this task. I have some books that I might even read again just so that I can pick up the methodology of the author’s writing. I like these books and I know they were successful. I will not know that about a new book I picked up.

I like to write science fiction. But reading other genres can help if only in providing examples of good writing structure and storytelling techniques. In high school, I did not want to read, but if the story got interesting, I would read through it.

What do you take away from a good book? Does the book give ideas on how to write your book? Let me know.

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