Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday’s Thoughts - 2010-08-29

Sunday, August 29

Hello, again. Here we are at the start of another week. That last one went by so fast. These thoughts keep popping up in my mind.

One thought that kept popping up goes back to my Alien Journal project I started on six or seven different occasions. I just can’t seem to get myself to a point where I can stay ahead of this project. Right now, I have placed it on a spot one my storage shelf called ‘limbo.’ When I can get it out, I will probably try again.

The problem I come across in this venture is not being able to shut up the internal editor between my ears. Also, I start looking too far ahead and not letting the story flow. Looking too far ahead gets me to a point where I feel overwhelmed in working on the project. This causes me to avoid what I should be working on.

My assignment this week (besides editing my novel) is to reassess whether or not I should do this project. The other problem I may have stumbled across was that I wanted to make the Alien Journal an action adventure/comedy combination story. I can get the action adventure part, but the comedy does not come too easily. I may need to stick it in only when it fits and try not to force it.

This week will be dedicated to trying to figure out how I wish to proceed with this project. I have several ideas but I do not know how this will come out.

The main thing will be that I plan to have fun doing it. If it is going to feel like work, then, there is no way I want to spend time on the project. Sometime, my fun ends after I finish creating the characters, plot, and basic story line among other things. I have also found that it can be fun to finish the story. I will endeavor to make the editing and formatting of the journals more interesting as well.

Well, here goes. I hope to let you know my decision next Sunday. What projects are you struggling with and what do you do to help yourself through them?

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