Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Thoughts - 2010-08-08

Sunday, August 08

After thinking on it off and on over the last week, I have decided to change my Sunday format. It seemed that I have been getting bogged down in my lists. I still will have them but I will no longer put them up.

Now, that does not mean that I will not expound on what I managed to accomplish over the week. I will still discuss that part of my life but I do not know if I will do it all in today’s post.

At times, I feel that my wheels are just spinning and I am not making progress. I know that is not true because I look at the list of things I write down in my daily journal as accomplishing during the day. Yes, there are days I get more accomplished than others. I still have to make out a list of items I need to do during the day and make sure I keep that list in front of me. If it gets put out of sight, then I will forget what I planned for the day.

I have started my first book of this month. This I feel is something I need to do to help me in my writing. Seeing how other stories are written can help me in that regard.

As for my room, I have spent time in there looking through two file boxes of material. I still need to go through each of the folders and arrange them in the order I wish to keep them. For years, I have tried to keep up with a scrapbook or build pages to a scrapbook. That is one thing I found in this file box. I had about folders containing material for my scrapbook. It will be one of the items I will look through at a later date.

Other subjects in the files are my photos, printed journals, three folders of recipes (cut out of newspapers and magazines), writing materials, various magazines, cartoon and humorous stories, and hundreds of newspaper clippings. All of which I need to go through. I do not know how this will turn out, but if I try to think about all of it at once, I know my head will explode.

My first stop was with the recipes. I pulled the three folders I have on them and started looking through them. I got rid of many of the recipes that I felt that I would never attempt. That still leaves quite a few. I found some that I think I want to try.

I will spend the upcoming week working on these recipe files. I may enter them into the computer. Many will probably go into a improvised cookbook where I mount the clip onto a sheet of paper and place in a plastic protector sheet and then into a binder.

I continue to work on a karate Kata or form that I want to be able to perform in a karate gathering in Des Moines, Iowa in September. I managed to practice it over a dozen times. That is nowhere near the number of times I need to practice it to get proficient in it. I am getting closer but I need to do more. I have something in the works that I want to try so I will let you know how that turns out.

Sorry for spilling out so much non-important stuff but I felt that I needed to get it off my mind. I still want to do something every day and I am thinking about it. It is not that hard to build these posts and I do not know why I try to keep from doing it. But, I do not know why I do half the things I do anyway and don’t even try to figure out why. I just think I like doing it so I do it.

Have a nice day and smile - Clark Stone

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