Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Report Card - 2010-08-01

Sunday, August 1

Hello, another week has squeaked by and I find myself short on my goals. Yet, I am happy with what I have accomplished.

This week, my 10,000-word goal (Goal 1) got 2,952 words. Then this amazing thing happened. I got to the end of my novel. Though it is the first draft, I have never made it to this point in novel length. Now, time for editing the thing has come. I still plan to write some as well. I will probably lower my word count until I get the book completely edited.

I only got four addresses and phone numbers for this week’s Goal Four. Still need to go through my address book and confirm numbers I have not called in a long time.

Goal Six has me looking through my storage boxes and crates. I looked through two of them and found myself unable to part with much of what they contain. What I found that I need to separate the material and store like material together.

In the process of looking through the boxes, I found some material I can part with but I need to gather other items that go with it. I found some Romance Writers Reports that I plan to donate to Northwestern State University.

Goal Seven covered the Nola Stars Extra edition of the Nola News. I have four pages left before I can post the electronic newsletter supplement to the Nola Stars listserve.

In my search of web pages, Goal Eight, I found several of them that gave me ideas on how to fix mine. I will play around with the ideas this next week to see where I go.

I have gone through 20 of the Miller Reunion photos and adjusted them so that the subject took up more of the photo’s space (Goal 12). I haven’t gotten around to naming them yet (Goal 13).

Goal 14 had me contact a friend that had not made it to the reunion. We talked for 20 minutes last week. Next step would be to send an email.

This week’s goals are
  1. Write 5,000 words toward all stories
  2. Go through novel and check the story timeline
  3. Edit 40 scenes to novel
  4. Build 8 scrapbook pages for Nola Stars
  5. Catalog 70 articles I have collected
  6. Update my personal telephone directory (confirm or add 10 numbers)
  7. Start repair work on floor around air vent in bathroom
  8. Build last 4 pages to the Nola News Extra
  9. Write two reviews for books read
  10. Start reading August’s first book
  11. Write an article
  12. Look through 50 Miller Reunion photos and adjust for content
  13. Start naming people in the photos.
  14. Gather writing material together that I wish to donate to NSU.

What are your goals for this week? Did you accomplish your goals last week?

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