Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 20100714

Wednesday, July 14

Hello everyone. Sitting here at my keyboard, I am trying to figure out something inspirational to say about writing to would be a help to others. I guess I could talk about the way I kick-start my writing.

First, I sit down in front of my computer and open all of my files pertaining to my book. In this area, some of the things I do can be seen as detrimental to my writing. Normally, I have about five or six files open. But I usually work in one. My file categories are Main, Working, Outline, Paragraph Description, Notes and Encyclopedia.

Now, most of these files should be self-explanatory, but I will tell you what I use them for and the frequency of use.

The most used file I have is my Working document. I build the scenes to my novel in this file. I can build anywhere from two to five scenes in it and have gotten up to 14 scenes. But this is just my working file. I do not let it get too long because it will impede my access to my work if I allow it to keep growing.

For instance, I have over 82 scenes to my current book. If I opened that file to add more scenes to the end, I could spend some time getting to that point of the file. Even if I use the “Goto Page” option in the word processor, the size of the file can be cumbersome.

This is where the Main file comes into play. I use it to hold my book or novel in. When I get to the end of the day, I go through the Working document and pull all but the last two scenes written out of the file. I then place them at the end of the Main file.

The outline file is a crude outline of all of the scenes for my book. I have 115 scenes slated for this book. Whether or not I use them all is a different story. When I get ready to work, I make sure I copy the outlines for five scenes from the Outline file and put it in the Working document. From there, I start writing my scenes based on those outlines.

The Paragraph Description file is where I have paragraph description for each file. I have come across a series of scenes that seemed out of place. Then I compare the outline to the Paragraph Description. This one is not used very often.

The Notes file is where I keep up with my notes pertaining to the book. When I enter a note in the scene to go back and adjust some part of the story, I will copy that note to the note file at the end of the day.

Now, the Encyclopedia file is what some writers refer to as a “book bible.” I usually use one or the other at times. I only use this file if and when I really want to recall a fact about a location or a person.

This is how I deal with my writing. I have seen some of this being used in some of those writing programs that I can’t seem to afford. These programs may make it easier, but right now, I would be satisfied with just finishing this book.

Do you have a system that you use? Do you think I may be making my life more complicated than it should be? Let me know. Clark Stone.

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