Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-07-28

Wednesday, July 28

Hello everyone. Today being Writer’s Wednesday, I decided to talk a little about my writing.

Flash! Bang! Boom! Bang! Pop! Boom! Kapow! Whizzzttt, bang!

Now that the fireworks have been fired off, I can now tell you why I am celebrating. Yesterday, I reached a milestone that took over 25 years in the making - the first draft completion of my book titled Book 3-20011101. Actually that is just the filename I have it stored under. The title is still in the wind.

In 25 years of writing, I started many novels but never completed an actual first draft. In 2004, I did write 72,000 words to a book during the NaNoWriMo, which I expanded to 100,000 words during the next month. The problem with that work was that I never went back and put all of the scenes in the proper sequence. The last time I looked at that project, I discovered that I had two books in one and it needed to be split.

The book that I finished the first draft on goes from start to finish with most scenes in the proper order. There may be one or two scenes that may need to be adjusted but that’s it.

Back in January 21st blog post titled “Hesitation,” I told how I broke down my book in scenes instead of chapters. Doing this helped me push my progress in writing this novel beyond where I ever had managed to get before.

I am happy and am glad to say ‘Yahooooo!’ in that I completed a first draft of any of my books. Now, with it done, I will begin working on another first - a polished manuscript.

Also, in writing this post, I celebrate another milestone: My 100th Blog Post. I knew I would eventually make it but at times I really wanted to abandon this blog. Yet, I’m glad I did not. I enjoy writing them (at times).

So, how is your day doing? Mine, I'm still doing cartwheels. Clark Stone


  1. Congratulations, Dennis! It's not an easy task but you did it!

  2. Big Congrats Dennis! Can't wait to read it.

  3. COngratulations Dennis. Keep at it and you'll have more than just the one. Awesome.

  4. Congratulations! That is a huge milestone. I write in scenes too! I find it much easier that way to just keep going.

  5. Yay! Big congratulations on finishing! :D

  6. Thanks everyone,

    It felt great getting that done. Now, I venture into the realm of editing my first full manuscript.

    Time to have fun.

    Dennis Clarkston

  7. Congratulations Dennis! Best of luck in the editing phase of your writing journey. :)