Saturday, July 17, 2010

Web Page Rant

Saturday, July 17

Spent the good part of this morning looking over my web pages. I believe it is time for a redesign. What I liked about it at first is no longer keeping my attention. They look bland.

That means I will be spending the next couple of weeks looking around at other web pages to see what is out there. As for web page design programs, I found one a couple years ago that I somewhat like. But after I got the basic design down, I started coding the pages myself.

The program is supposed to allow the programmer look at the code, but the one problem I found with it was that it jammed everything together almost like one giant sentence. I try separating the sections and the next time I look at it, they are jammed back together.

I guess I could look at what it has again and build the basic page. Once it is complete, then I can go in and format the source in a format that makes it easier to read and find something. There are other programs out there but I am not sure of them. One sounds too good to be true and two others are out of my price range.

Right now, I am at a crossroads on making my decision of what to do. I will do something and have made some changes to my web page, but I have not uploaded those changes just yet. I will contemplate my actions over the next few weeks. If you have had any luck with web building software, let me know how you like it. The one I purchased last year is called Coffee Cup.

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