Monday, July 26, 2010

Volunteered for What?

Monday, July 26

Have you ever promised someone that you would do something and then later realized how much trouble and inconvenience doing that particular favor will cause? I had that epiphany this morning about some photos someone from the Miller Reunion requested.

The request was that they wanted a copy of all of the photos I took from the reunions starting from 1999 going back to 1979. The problem is not that I can give them an electronic copy. I have most of them on the computer already. The problem is that they wished that I email them to them.

Once I got to thinking about that, I realized that would become a giant undertaking. Although, I did not go to every reunion during that period; I did attend many of them. The number of photos can reach over a thousand. That will make an awfully large number of emails that I have to build with attachments. It could literally take me weeks to do it even attaching three and four photos per email.

This morning, I came up with an easier way to take care of the problem. I shall inquire about her snail mail address and send her a CD containing all the photos. It may cost me the price of a couple stamps, an envelope, a CD and a couple hours to assemble the package. At least I would not be tied up trying to send all of those photos. Even if it took several CDs to accomplish the task.

Now, I feel so much better since I figured out how to get out of that much work. I would like to spend it in other endeavors like writing, photography or just conversing with friends.

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