Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Report Card – 2010-07-11

Sunday, July 11

Hello, it is that time of the week. Feels like I did not get much done this week. But the plumbing problem forced me to think of solutions. When one thing would not work, I would sit and think about the problem. Before too long, a light bulb would go off and an idea finds its way through the frustration.

So, I will start with goal number 14 this week. Working in a tight place is not my idea of having fun. My stubbornness prevented me from giving up and calling the plumber. I knew I could fix the problem and I refused to let it beat me. I succeeded on Thursday. The original problem has been repaired.

Now, for the other problem that popped up. A smaller pipe connected to the kitchen sink had some corrosion on it, and in the process of repairing the first problem, I apparently hit this corrosion. The resulting leak is a drop of water every few seconds. So, this week’s home project will be to replace that piece of pipe. I have the material to do it and the time. I just need to get my butt into gear and work on it.

Now for goal 2, I built two of the 8-pages but I still need to work on the others. What I plan to do this week is to work on one or two pages a day. Then I can complete my goals.

Goal 8 did not take too long to complete. I now need to finish printing out the last 20 copies and mail them to those who they are targeted.

I finished reading the third book for June. That brings up to six or seven books I need to write reviews for. That will be a major item for this week.

As for this week’s goals, here it is

  1. Write 10,000 words
  2. Build 8 scrapbook pages for Nola Stars
  3. Catalog 70 articles I have collected
  4. Update my personal telephone directory (confirm or add 10 numbers)
  5. Build shelves in Closet
  6. Start sorting through my storage crates
  7. Build 10 pages to the Nola News Extra
  8. Make adjustments to Web Pages
  9. Write six reviews for books read
  10. Start reading July’s first book
  11. Send out requests for family stories for a family newsletter
  12. Begin assembling family newsletter
  13. Replace pipe under the kitchen sink
  14. Write an article

I added number 14 to this list because I feel that I need to start working on my articles. I also need to light a fire under my writing of the book reviews. I hope to have many of these items on my list done before my next report card.

Especially writing 10,000 words toward my book. I will plant my but in the chair and begin writing every day. I need to get 1430 words a day to reach this goal. I can do that. Well, until later, I hope you have a nice week. Clark Stone

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