Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Report Card - 2010-07-04

Sunday, July 04

Time to report last week’s progress. As for number one, I got over 4,000 words this past week. But I allowed time to slip by again.

Next up is the fourth goal for the week. I added a little more than ten phone numbers to my list of contacts. One thing I wanted to do is to collect the non-emergency phone numbers to the local police and sheriff’s offices. There are times when I need to contact the police and it not be an emergency. I will talk about this topic later in the week.

Goal number 9 deals with a newsletter. I got two pages completed – Pages 3 and 6. I will be working on it this week and hope to get it in the mail by Tuesday.

One thing not on my list was changing the oil in my car. While I waited for my car, I completed goal 11 by completing book number two. As for goal number 12, I am half way through book number three for June.

My monthly goals will be covered in tomorrow’s post. In it, I will report what I completed for last month and what I plan to do this month.

As for this week’s goals, here it is
  1. Write 10,000 words
  2. Build 8 scrapbook pages for Nola Stars
  3. Catalog 70 articles I have collected
  4. Update my personal telephone directory (confirm or add 10 numbers)
  5. Build at least two humorous fictitious news stories for Friday
  6. Build shelves in Closet
  7. Start sorting through my storage crates
  8. Build the Nola Stars newsletter - pages 1, 2, 4 , & 5
  9. Make adjustments to Web Pages
  10. Finish reading third book of June
  11. Start reading July’s first book
  12. Send out requests for family stories for a family newsletter
  13. Begin assembling family newsletter
  14. Repair the leak under the kitchen sink (This should be number one)

There are other items on my notepad but I will not bore you with the whole list. As you can see, I have some of the same goals up every week. This week, I hope to eliminate some of them. So, what do you have planned for the week?

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