Monday, July 5, 2010

July's Monthly Goals

Monday, July 05

I would say, “Oh, my aching head.” But I did not go out and celebrate the Fourth with a Fifth, so no hangover. Really did not do much of anything yesterday but veg out watching the boob tube.

As for June’s goals, I succeeded in some and fail on others. My main problem is the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ meaning that if I do not keep reminding myself of my goals, I will forget to do them. I will strive to keep my goals in view so that I will work on them as the month goes on.

Now, for goal one, I am closer to getting my current novel completed. I added 17,995 words according to my word processor’s word counter. I am about 30,000 words sky of completion. If I force myself to write at least a 1000 words a day, I will have it finished by the end of the month. Though, I want to do more.

Goal four, I finished reading the third book last night. The three books I read this month are from members of my Nola Stars group. All three books came out last month. I will look into posting more information about this later this week.

Goal six pertaining to repairing closet floor and building shelves. The floor has been repaired and part of the shelf structure has been assembled. I plan to complete the project this week.

Goal ten got off to a rocky start. I did build a fictitious news report a week and a half ago but the project has fell to one side. More thought is needed on whether I want to dedicate time to the project. It intrigues me but it also saps time away from other goals.

As for my laptop, I wish to announce success to goal thirteen. Though miserable for a ten days, I got my computer back in number one shape. I hope it is good to go for another three and a half years or more.

Goal 14 goes toward my “The Weekend Novelist” project. I have caught up some but I am still a little behind. I will catch up to where I need to be this month.

As for goal 15, I got two pages completed toward it. This is one goal I have to complete this week. So it will remain on my list.

My goals for this month are
  1. Finish the first draft of my current sci-fi novel
  2. Go through manuscript for questions and make sure they are answered
  3. Plan out and write five short stories
  4. Read three books and write reviews for them
  5. Write reviews for six books I have already read
  6. Determine three areas on my web page that needs adjusting and adjust them
  7. Complete building the shelves in that closet
  8. Repair floor in bathroom
  9. Repair floor in my room
  10. Build a family newsletter for the Miller Reunion (Mom’s side of the family from Minden, La.)
  11. Catch up and maintain my ‘The Weekend Novelist’ project
  12. To complete the Nola News newsletter for July/August
  13. Work on my Martial Art skills – to practice every day.
  14. Write four articles
Most of my goals listed above are fairly self-explanatory. But goal 13 is not very clear. A goal I have for September is to be able to perform a Kata in my style called Warriors. It is done to the main cut from the soundtrack of the movie called The Warriors. The problem is that I have not done this Kata correctly in almost 20 years. I have to get my timing back. That is what I plan to work for this goal.

I plan to go out and work for two hours in the evening. I know I will not be able to work out continuously for those two hours but I hope to get a combined total of about an hour of exercise in.

How has your month been going?

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