Friday, July 9, 2010

Amateur Plumber Week

Friday, July 9

For the last few days, I worked on my amateur plumbing skills. Last week, mom discovered that a pipe under the sink was leaking. I took it upon myself to search the leak out. This involved removing some items from under the cabinet.

I found a pinhole leak in a piece of copper pipe that delivers the cold water to the sink. The part that leaked was a connector that allowed the water to go to the front of the trailer.

Needless to say, I managed to fix the leak after a few missteps and several days with the water turned off. (We collected drinking water in gallon water jugs we saved for when the water system shuts off the water.) I was so happy that my solution worked and that leak is no longer plaguing us.

Yet, (as the story goes) I found another leak on a 3/8-inch pipe going to the cold water connector of the kitchen sink. I did have to pull on that pipe in the repair process. Apparently, some corrosion came off allowing another leak to appear. The water is coming out at the rate of a drop every five or six seconds.

It will be replaced next week but for now, it is not leaking enough to keep me from working on other items that desperately need my attention. I used some of that JB WaterWeld to cover the leak but some is still slipping out. Next week, I will cut a new piece of pipe to replace the piece that is leaking.

Dad bought some copper pipe to run a water line to the icemaker on the refrigerator. He never did get around to using it so I have something to replace the old pipe under the sink with. So, I have the material. I just don’t have the time right now.

I do apologize for missing Writer’s Wednesday. I had planned to do it plus several others but this plumbing gig got into the way. My writing has suffered as well. This I plan to remedy some today. Until next time, have a fun and happy Friday – Clark Stone.

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