Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Writing We Will Go

Saturday, June 05

Yesterday, I had a great day of writing though it did not start off to well. The day got better as I got into my groove. I managed to type up 3,452 words yesterday.

If I had one, my wish would be to be able to hit my maximum speed of 1,000 or more words an hour for several hours. Yesterday, I got close at 814 words in 50 minutes. That comes out to 976.8 words an hour. But, I did that only once.

I plan to go to the store today and get some duct tape so I can tape up and dispose of temporarily the one thing that interferes with my writing: My Internal Editor. I might even try turning the music up a little to drown out its voice.

Yet, I am satisfied with my accomplishment. My goal for today is to get at least 2000 words. I have other things that need my attention but I plan to work on my writing.

I hope you have a fun weekend.

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