Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-06-30

Wednesday, June 30

When writing, I find myself focusing on a section of the story and that section only. I might keep a few other facts rotating around in my head, but mainly, I focus on the story at hand.

There are times I find myself trying to see the novel as a whole and find that there are too many facts to keep up with. If I try to keep them in my mind, I feel overwhelmed and all progress on the story stops.

So, if an idea or thought appears that belongs in another part of my story, I will type it into the computer as a note. Then I can clear the thought from my mind and continue working on the story section.

What form does this note take in my work? I use several methods to let me know that this is a note and not part of the manuscript. I either capitalize it, change the text color, highlight the text and/or separate it from the other text with multiple line breaks. At the beginning of the note, I type the word “NOTE:”.

I say “and/or” in the above paragraph because, on occasion, I will use multiple techniques so that it draws my attention to the material. My most used methods are the highlight feature and separate the note from other text with blank spaces.

Now, I can't say how I treat the notes when I finish the manuscript. This is because I have not finished a manuscript before. But I plan to go through my manuscript and copy the notes over to a separate file. Then I will determine what area(s) of my manuscript the note affects and adjust them accordingly. I will let you know how that works out.

Some programs have the ability to add hidden notes that appear when the cursor is placed over the indicating mark. This would keep the manuscript a bit cleaner but it could be easily missed at times. How do you note your changes?

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