Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday 2010-06-02

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today, I want to talk about the ‘leftovers.’ I do not know if what I am referring to actually has a technical name or not. But, to me, a “leftover” is a tidbit of information that I pulled from my story. It can be a paragraph, a sentence or a scene.

Whether I no longer need the material in the story or I have too much and need to cut back, this material ends up left over and I place it in a separate file. A file to hold all of tidbits of story that I cull out of my book for one reason or another. In this file, I try to catalog the ‘leftover’ so I can index it later.

Why not throw it away and not be bothered with it? It is not because I love the prose so much that I just can’t part with it. The truth be said, chances are that I will not get back to it.

Yet, I have two or three items that I could not use in my book because it is already complicated enough as it is. There is not enough material for me to build another book but I can build independent short stories with them.

When I pull it from my book and place it in the Unused File, I usually write a few notes about the piece and why I want to keep it. If it is for a story idea, then I write the basics about the story idea with it.

Since I am planning to write a series of books based on my current work, I can also place a note in my series bible and it can be used as a reference. In a way, I might be called a hoarder of my old story bits or ‘leftovers.’ But, I just can’t let them go. Right now, they only occupy a spot on my hard drive and backup drives.

I will look through the file once I complete the book and determine if any of it can be salvaged for future use. What do you do with your deleted sections? Do they go the way of the dodo or does it find a spot in a temporary file?

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