Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Report Card - 2010-06-04

Monday, June 14

It’s that time of the week. I have some good and some bad marks on this report card. Since I like to only accentuate the good, that is what I will cover. Big Grin.

Toward the June monthly goals, I added two and a half scenes to my book. Spent too much time backing up all of my data. I needed to send off my laptop for repairs.

I spent part of one day last week going through and cataloging the software I purchased and downloaded off of the Internet. I still need to look up some of the key codes so I can reinstall if I choose to reinstall my operating system. (Goal 12)

This past Friday, my baby left Natchitoches on its way to Kentucky for repairs. The computer remained functional but the lines across the screen began to cause trouble with reading certain sections of my manuscript. (Goal 13)

That’s it for my monthly goals. Now for last week’s goals, I got over 2200 words toward my novel last week. Plan to do better this week. Actually, I have gotten almost that much now.

I managed to complete the Nola News Extra – a few days late. It has been sent to the Nola Stars members. Sorry that I can’t share this with others but this is one of those items that is specific to this writing group.

The third item on this week’s goal list was my computer. It has been taken care of. Now for item six, that wheel alignment on my car cost over $270. $69 for the alignment, $200 for some type of wheel assembly that needed to be replaced. At least it is safer to drive now. Also, the rotated my tires and did not tell me. That made it awkward when I took the car in to get a new tire to match one I purchased last month. Had to find where they put the new tire.

My fun goal was the last one for the week. I always learn something new at the Nola Stars meeting. Then there is the book signing that came afterward. The Chapter president’s first book came out this month and it was her first book signing. She signed her books with two fellow members Lenora Worth and Winnie Griggs.

This week’s goals are
  1. Write 10,000 words
  2. Clean out my closet
  3. Build 8 scrapbook pages for Nola Stars
  4. Catalog 140 articles I have collected
  5. Update my personal telephone directory
  6. Build three humorous fictitious news stories for Friday’s Blog Entry

If you do not hear from me promptly, it is because of the older computer system I am running on. It will allow me about 10 minutes of Internet before locking up. In order to get this post onto my site, I had to type it up, save it to a file, and reboot the computer so I can get back on the Internet.

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