Saturday, June 26, 2010

Repairing a Gopher

Saturday, June 26

You know those Gopher Pickup Tool devices that has two suction cups at the end. It comes in handy when picking things up off the floor and the ground. I use it to pick up small twigs to help start the fire in my grill to cook things.

The first one I had belonged to my father. He bought it but promptly forgot about it. I found the Gopher in its original box and started using it. For a lazy person, it is a great device. (*Me can be lazy! Big Grin) It also comes in handy when the muscles in your back seem to rebel.

My problem is that one of the suction cups popped off. The screw would not hold it in place. I tried gluing plastic pieces in the hole to make the aperture smaller so the screw would dig into and hold the suction cup in place. The plastic pieces kept falling out.

Then I finally broke down and bought a second Gopher from a local store. After a couple months, I made the same mistake and a section cup popped off. So, I took the good suction cup from one Gopher and put it on the other one.

Something about taking the screw out of the suction cup caused some damage. The screw kept vibrating out and would not tighten up. Getting tired of having to reattach the suction cup, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some JB Weld.

After mixing that up yesterday afternoon, I filled the hole with the mixture and then screwed the suction cup onto the end of the Gopher device. Allowing the binary glue to dry overnight, I have a strong bond and the suction cup is no longer loose. Not only is the screw glued into the suction cup, the cup is glued to the gopher device. I do not think it will come loose now.

Can’t you hear me beating my chest and yelling like Tarzan. Big Grin. Now, I have to find the other two broken suction cups and see about fixing my other Gopher. Though, one in each hand would look a bit ridiculous.

*For those who are English purist, I know this phrase is supposed to read, “I can be lazy!” A Bigger Grin.

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