Friday, June 11, 2010

Laptop Blues

Friday, June 11

I had intended to start off with my Fiction Friday series today but I chose to change the subject. He UPS guy just picked up my baby (a Toshiba Laptop). It wasn’t totally broke but it was feeling ill. I chose to send it in for repair while I still had the extended warranty on the thing.

My hope is that I will be reunited with it sometime next week but I am not sure. Now, my computer in my room is happy to be used for something other than printing out documents.

The last two days have been spent backing up data onto multiple sources. It has forced me to go online to visit my email accounts. I really do not want to download my emails and then have them on two separate computers.

I will continue to write on my novel and other stories. This may help in that I am not that accessible for other to ask questions. Also, the call from the apples, celery, carrots and pecan pie can be ignored easier. (Well, maybe not the pecan pie. That sucker has a voice on it that carries through multiple rooms and down the driveway. Big Grin).

When I get my baby back, I plan to reinstall the operating system to factory specifications and then install only the basic software I want on the machine. Lately, my machine began to drag a bit and I am quite sure that the registry needs to be cleaned out.

There are many cleaners advertised on the net that say run me. Several claimed to found many errors in my operating system registry. But in order to fix these errors, I have to send in something else I do not have much of – money.

So, this next week, I will have to go back to a computer that has a Millennium operating system and a slower CPU. But, then again, I doubt very seriously that I can out type the word processor.

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