Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Tuesday, June 15

Today is another hot day in Natchitoches. The area has been under a Heat Advisory from the National Weather Service for having Heat Indices between 105 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind feels like someone opened the oven.

The air conditioner is set so that we get some cool air but our electric bill will not be outrageous. Fans provide the much needed cooling effect. The thing is that I prefer the warm than I do the cold. Cold weather brings on aches and pains that I prefer not to mess with.

To keep busy, I continue working on my book and other projects including cleaning my room. I get up every 45 minutes and do some cleaning of some type. I hope to have my closet cleaned out by the end of the week. The fun part is stacking the material in a place that does not block entering and leaving the room.

I might be called a borderline hoarder. I keep some things that I believe I will need and some that I may not even use again. But I will get rid of things. Items like my writing magazines, I would love to keep but I doubt that I will ever use them too much. When I get them all placed in one location, I will catalog them and then take them to my university library.

When I get the floor in the closet rebuilt, then I will build shelves at both ends leaving the middle to hold my clothes. Before I start putting my stuff back into the closet, I will go through each box and get rid of what is no longer useful to me. I know I should get someone else to help me but I am stubborn in that way.

Well, have to go. Need to move another three boxes out of the way. The timer I set up for my 45 minutes is about to go off. I will have to get up and move around for at least five minutes. Actually, I will be heading out to the grill to cook some pork chops. While they cook, I will clean up on the yard some. That will be my next project. See ya later.

Goals: 3000 words written so far, started 2 fictitious news stories, cataloged 10 articles.

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