Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Writer’s Wednesday - 2010-05-26

Wednesday, May 26

One way I try to spice up my writing is to use events that I have observed around my neighborhood or even around my own home.

In this case, the lightning bugs have come out during the evenings over the last three or four weeks. The other night, their green lights flashed all around our front yard and in the garden area as well. I thought popped to mind that allowed me to use them in a fashion in my sci fi novel.

Another observation that I had (and I may be repeating myself) is that of my cat years ago. I wanted a nickname for the bio-engineered henchmen that the antagonists created and used. They are of a bluish-green color but cover themselves with dark colored robes with hoods.

This is where my cat came into play. You see, she is black and at night, I could not see her. Walk by the truck and hear a meow from the hood. The only way I could keep from stepping on her on a dark night is to look for a “black hole” moving through the darkness.

Thus, my creatures got the nickname “Black Holes.” Unless their eyes reflect light in some fashion, the only way the protagonist can spot them are to watch for black holes moving around in the darkness.

These are a few examples how I use things I observe around my house in my stories. I am quite sure others do it too. What have you come across in your life that helped make your story better?

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