Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weather and Exercise

Tuesday, May 25

Today starts out like most other days – warm and humid. This morning, I managed to get out and walk before breakfast. The air is much cooler; though, by the time I get my fourth lap done, sweat still pours out. The cool air helps cool me down quicker.

I cannot tell if I have lost any weight at this point. That does not mean that I have not noticed some benefits from my morning walks. The muscles in my lower back are getting stronger and I do feel better. The distance I can continuously walk without having to rest my arguing back muscles has increased.

As for my pushups, I have managed to increase it from 30 reps to 40 reps. Yes, I am still doing it from my knees. Until I lose a couple hundred pounds, I will continue to do it from my knees. At least I am doing something, right!

The only thing I wished I could do is bottle some of the cold air from winter and be able to bring it out on those hot days. Then bottle some summer hot air to release during some of those cold days during winter.

Though, I can handle the heat a little better than the cold. I just do not like being cold and would do anything to avoid it which means I usually do not do my exercises during the winter.

Well, I have droned on long enough about the weather and my exercise routine. I hope everyone around you (including you) is healthy and happy.

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  1. I hate the cold too. I have a tread mill but I don't use it nearly enuf. Now I'm packing for the beach and my goal is to get out there and walk every morning - no excuses. I'm going to post about it as a motivator.